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From: Stogie Fresh

Written by Doc   
  Purisco™  Azul Petit  
  First Review:  
  Storage Conditions:
These choice little stogies were shipped directly from Costa Rica and double cello wrapped to preserve freshness. I put each 5 pack in my cabinet humidor to acclimatize. at 67% RH and about 67-72 degrees F.
  Tasting Notes:
NWhile on vacation last year, I traveled to Costa Rica and had the opportunity to try many of the national and local cigars. One cigar I kept coming back to was the Purisco Azul Petit. I loved the combination of sweet spiciness and the full flavored goodness of this little firecracker. It was the perfect companion to my nightly sojourns among the “Ticos” in the lively capital city of San José.

When I came back to the States, these were the only cigars that I brought back in quantity and, when I ran out, I was really quite disappointed that I couldn’t get any more, sans traveling back to Costa Rica. Well, that’s all changed now. You can purchase these direct from the factory in Costa Rica and they are well packaged and arrive fresh and tasty and no worse for the journey.

What was it about these nondescript little smokes that made me want to always keep some on hand? Well, as I remember my time in Costa Rica, there were many times during a day or evening that I wanted a short smoke. Something to smoke while I enjoyed an after dinner promenade down the shopping district in the capital city of San José, or while sitting in an outdoor café enjoying a dark roasted Costa Rican coffee.

This cigar has a very nice dark, oily wrapper that has a wonderful aroma of roasted cashews. Costa Rican grown binder (Habano #91) and filler (Habanos #98, #235) are used to give this petit stogie its medium to full flavor. The wrapper leaf is a bit veiny, but it doesn’t detract from the overall look and feel. I quickly clip the head and set this ‘gar light and sit back and reminisce of my tryst with Central America.

The first few puffs are rich with sweetness, but then immediately thereafter I am hit with full flavored espresso beans and chocolate. Yes, this is what I remember, a deep, dark espresso bean flavor.

The draw is a bit tight, but the burn is even throughout. The ash is medium to dark gray and holds on well enough, but does not shed evenly, leaving a sharp spike after the first drop.

I wouldn’t call this a complex cigar, since the flavors vary little throughout the smoke, but what it does have it has aplenty. This is a cigar to pair with dark roasted coffee, espresso, or even better, aged Rum: both are rich, smoky and slightly sweet. This is a medium bodied cigar with medium to full flavor. Twenty-five to thirty-five well spent minutes, in my book.

I will continue to buy these little morsels and highly recommend them to those with intermediate to experienced palates.

Ring Age Look Flovor Burn Score
5x42 1,4 89 90 87 88,6
  Second Review:  
  Storage Conditions:  
  I have left these little stogies in a drawer in my cabinet humidor for just over 4 months now. Because they have been stored loose with other cigars, I have left the cello wrappers on. This is the second in a series of reviews of this fine little smoke.  
  Tasting Notes:  
  On many occasions, I arrive home looking for a good smoke, but don’t have the time to sit and enjoy a Churchill, Torpedo or double Corona. That’s the time when I pull out a smaller cigar. Something 4-5 inches in length and a 38-46 ring gauge.

I have found myself wanting to purchase more smaller cigars for those occasions when I don’t have the time for a larger cigar, or for when I want to try out several cigars during a herf.

I found this little gem while visiting Costa Rica last year and it became an instant favorite. I used to take walks after dinner through the capital city of San Jose and was frequently escorted by a Purisco Azul Petit.

This cigar sports a Costa Rican grown binder (Habano #91) and filler (Habanos #98, #235) and is typically medium to full flavored. The wrapper leaf is dark and sufficiently oily, with a medium vein structure.

After topping and torching this mighty mite, I am greeted with flavors of dark coffee, tobacco and a bitter sweetness like that found in bittersweet chocolate.

With the exception of some flowering of the ash at the beginning, the draw on this specimen is smooth and easy and the burn is consistent.

Speaking of ash, this little tike casts a dark gray ash that is rather flaky. In fact, I had the ash fall in my lap unexpectedly... twice.

This is a 30 minute cigar that, though not really complex, still delivers a mouthful of intense flavors in a medium to full bodied package.

I love these little cigars and would recommend them to smokers who are looking for a short smoke and prefer something medium to full bodied.

Ring Age Look Flovor Burn Score
5x42 4,1 88 89 89 88,8
  Third Review:  
  Storage Conditions:  
  These little stogies have now been resting for 13 months. This is the third and final review in a series of reviews. Normally I would review a cigar 4 times, however this is my last cigar of this batch. So, I have waited longer between the second review and this one.

These cigars have been resting in my Elie Bleu humidor, which I keep in my closet. The RH% has been between 64-69%. The temperature stays pretty constant at between 68-70 degrees F.
  Tasting Notes:  
  I found this cigar in Costa Rica during one of my visits to the capital city of San Jose. I wanted a short cigar to smoke on my after dinner walks through the city. I didn’t have time for a longer smoke and at 5 inches in length and 42 ring gauge, this made for the perfect size for those early evening strolls through the capital.

This cigar sports a Costa Rican grown binder (Habano #91) and filler (Habanos #98, #235) and is typically medium to full flavored. The wrapper leaf is dark and sufficiently oily, with a medium vein structure. The wrapper leaf is not especially fine, it is mottled and inconsistent in parts, but I have always said that, if a cigar burns well and tastes sublime, I can overlook some shortcomings in appearance.

After clipping the rather small cap, I set this pint-sized Corona to light with my Blazer Pocket Torch. I am immediately greeted with a blast of sweet spice and a good dose of dark roasted coffee. The burn is slightly off and is a little stiff overall. As the cigar warms, I squeeze it and roll it in my fingers to see if I can loosen up the filler.

As I approach the halfway mark, flavors of earthy tobacco are added to the bittersweet chocolate and roasted coffee flavors. These lay long and heavy on my palate.

The body is medium-full pretty much all the way through. The combination of body and flavor sticks richly to my tongue and palate.

This is a tasty little smoke and I have no doubt I will purchase more of these in the future. This cigar would go great with a cup of coffee or a nice smoky Bourbon.

AGING POTENTIAL SCORE: C = this cigar may age beneficially for the first two years, but we recommend smoking within the first two years.

Ring Age Look Flovor Burn Score
5x42 13,0 89 89 88 88,4
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