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  From: Stogie Fresh  
  Written by Blake
  Cumbres de Puriscal™  Gold Toro  
  Cumbres de Puriscal Gold Toro  
First Review:
  Storage Conditions:  
  These cigars were provided to me for rating by the Stogie Fresh founder, and Senior Taster, “The Doc”. Although they had quite a journey, they arrived in perfect condition and have been in my chest humidor at 71% RH.  
  Tasting Notes:  
  This is a beautiful, well-made cigar by Tabacos de la Cordillera, a little known grower and manufacturer in Puriscal, Costa Rica. They use 47 types of pre-embargo “Ancestral” seeds that were originally from Cuba. These seeds have been genetically pure since before the Cuban Embargo.

I gazed over this great looking example. The wrapper was light brown in color, with no blemishes or variances in color. It was slightly “Toothy” on close visual inspection, with light veins. The body had a light box-press and was densely packed, while the aroma was slightly floral, with notes of toasted nuts.

I clipped the end with my Xikar Xi3 and gently toasted the foot with my Colibri Oscar. After a few moments of toasting, I take a few puffs to finish lighting the foot. I am rewarded with a nice, even glowing foot. The draw was firm, but not an encumbrance to the experience.

The smoke is sweet tasting in the beginning, with flavors of nuts and hints of nutmeg. These flavors continue for the first inch, and then mellow out. The ash was a nice salt and pepper color that held its grip until I brushed it off after and inch or so, falling flush with the body. There was some blistering of the wrapper in the first half-inch, but did not continue past that point, nor spoil my enjoyment of this cigar. Overall, it possessed an even burn throughout the smoke.

As the experience progresses, the cigar takes on some light cocoa flavors, with woody undertones. Coffee flavors start to dominate the last half of the cigar, as the body ramps-up to medium. The finish was short and woody.

This cigar has some very unique characters that are not present in many of today’s cigars. Some of you might say, “Cuban seed doesn’t make a Cuban cigar”. I’d say that you are absolutely correct, but even if you’re not in Texas, you can still enjoy a Texas BBQ.

This cigar will let you enjoy lost pleasures with flavors that most of us (at least in the USA) cannot experience, while allowing ourselves to enjoy the ”Cuban” experience without looking over our shoulders. This is a cigar that will satiate your desire for the “Old World” type smoke. A definite must for any humidor. We’ll rate this again in three months.

Ring Age Look Flovor Burn Score
6x52 0,9 93 92 89 91
  Second Review:  
  Storage Conditions:  
  These Costa Rican beauties have been resting comfortably in my chest humidor at 68% RH. They have been kept in their original cello wrappers in an effort to keep the flavors of other cigars form “marrying” with the more delicate flavored tobaccos contained in these cigars.  
  Tasting Notes:  
  These cigars are made by Tabacos de la Cordillera in Puriscal, Costa Rica. Headed up by John Vogel, they produce cigars using “genetically pure,” pre-embargo Cuban seeds. Although not grown in Cuba, they will give you an idea of how the “Old World” Cuban cigars used to taste.

This cigar is a generous Toro shaped stogie that possesses a flawless light chestnut-brown wrapper that is lightly boxed-pressed. The veins are tight and almost indiscernible. The pre-light aroma displays notes of sweet hay and toasted nuts. No soft spots or under-filling were noted, as this appeared to be a well constructed cigar.

I gently clip the cap and take a pre-light pull. The draw is firm and deliberate with notes of sweet hay. As I begin to toast the foot with my Colibri Don lighter, I am careful just to toast, but not char these delicate tobaccos, since it can place an undesirable flavor into the taste of the cigar. After toasting the foot, I take some light pulls until I get a nice evenly burning ember.

The cigar starts out with ample amounts of smoke and with flavors of sweet hay and nuts. Nuances of nutmeg and hints of cinnamon complement the experience. As I continue to the halfway point, these flavors give-way as the blend takes on flavors of wood and coffee. These flavors tend to dominate the remainder of the smoke. This Toro was mild-medium in body, and provided a short, “woody” finish.

The ash was a nice salt and pepper color that was razor-sharp. I let it hang on until the 1-inch mark, then gently brushed it off. The wrapper showed signs of blistering just beyond the burn line during the entire smoke. Although I was disappointed to see this, it did not hinder the burn, nor affect the flavor.

These cigars possess some unique characters that can be missed if you smoke it like a “Ligero Bomb”. Slow, easy pulls will allow you to experience these light flavors, whereas heavy pulls will overheat the fillers, giving you an unwanted charred taste. This is a great morning cigar best enjoyed while reading and sipping coffee. I highly recommend having this in your humidor collection. We’ll rate this one again in three months.

~ Blake
Ring Age Look Flovor Burn Score
6x52 0,9 93 92 89 91
  Third Review:  
  Storage Conditions:  
  This is the third review of the Cumbres de Puriscal: Gold, Toro. They have been stored in my chest humidor at 70%RH. In an effort to keep them from “marrying” with other tobaccos, I chose to keep them in their cello.  
  Tasting Notes:  
  The tobacco and the manufacturing of these cigars are completely done by Tabacos de la Cordillera in Costa Rica. John Vogel maintains the genetically pure Cuban seeds used in the growing of their tobacco. Using the genetic purity from a seed bank that exists nowhere else in the world, they capture the flavor and allure of Cuban cigars lost long ago.

This is a generous Toro that has a light chestnut color with few veins. A feint aroma of nuts and sweet hay accompany this cigar. I clip into the generous cap of this puro and take a pre-light draw. The draw is somewhat tight, as the flavor of toasted nuts arouses the palate. I then gently toast the foot with my Colibri lighter, being careful not to char these delicate tobaccos.

This cigar provides ample amount of smoke and light flavors. Nuts and undertones of cinnamon accompany the sweet smoke well into the halfway point, where they yield to flavors of wood and coffee until the finish. The finish is short and mild in body, with flavors of wood and coffee. I have to add that this is one of the few cigars that I get compliments from others about the sweet aroma that is emitted from these unique tobaccos.

The ash was salt and pepper in color with no flaking or feathering. I did experience some blistering along the burn-line during the first half of the cigar, but it smoothed out in the second half to almost a perpendicular line. The dense, coarse ash required some effort to remove from the remaining body.

This cigar provides a wonderful smoking experience that has long since past. The delicate, “genetically pure” tobaccos hark back to the pre-Castro days where the cigars were milder in body, but full in flavor. This cigar is well worth the try. We’ll rate this one again in six months, and assign it an “Aging Potential Score”.

Ring Age Look Flovor Burn Score
6x52 8,8 90 93 90 91,2
"Ancestral Cuban seeds grow the world's finest cigars™"
Tabacos de la Cordillera
Santa Marta de Puriscal
Costa Rica, Central America
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