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Written by Rich Perelman
  Friday, February 15, 2008  
  fundacion-ancestral-cigars Fundacion Ancestral Ė Vuelta Abajo 1940:
[Costa Rica: available in 4 sizes]
The different cigars developed by Vogel are named for specific seeds, and the names are specific to the area and year when they were grown in Cuba. The Vuelta Abajo 1940 model was delightful with a spicy and peppery aroma and a perfect draw and burn.
  The taste was demure, with a toasty flavor that was astonishingly smooth and quite unique, with a slightly sweet, medium finish that offered just a hint of sweetness. Perfectly balanced, this is a full-bodied cigar that has perfect balance.  
  There is a peppery tone that enters the picture towards the end, but is never bitter or overpowering. This is an excellent daytime cigar as its flavors arenít so intense, but are always interesting.
Overall grade: A-: Excellent.
  Fundacion Ancestral Ė Pinar del Rio 1941:
[Costa Rica: available in 4 sizes]
The Pinar del Rio 1941 blend is medium-to-full in body and has a spicy aroma and showcases a spicy taste right from the beginning.
  Thereís an element of sweetness as well and the spiciness never becomes irritating or tiring. These elements settle down in the second half into more of a balance thatís quite nice and even mellow. Itís impressive and different and shows a consistency in approach thatís different and subtle.  
  Like all of the Fundacion Ancestral lines, distributed by Arango Cigar Co. of Northbrook, Illinois, these cigars arenít cheap with suggested retail prices of $11.40 to $11.85 each. But this is a unique blend that not quite like anything else youíve tried.
Overall grade: A: Exceptional.
  Fundacion Ancestral Ė Artesima 1944:
[Costa Rica: available in 4 sizes]
Thereís no doubt that this is the lightest of the three Fundacion Ancestral blends and is medium in body. It has a spicy and an engaging flavor that shows a spark of fruit-like tang with a moderately spicy finish.
  Itís very well constructed and burns very well. The flavor moves toward the peppery side in the second half, but is never bitter and stays lights and easy to smoke.  
  The tart flavor contrasts perfectly with the spicy aroma for a really interesting experience.
Overall grade: A-: Excellent.
  With nearly 1,100 national brands on the U.S. market in 2008, who needs new ones? But both the Arganese and Fundacion Ancestral brands feature unique approaches to flavor and balance that make them welcome additions.  
  ~ Rich Perelman  
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