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He Started it All

Customers and industry colleagues sometimes ask my history in Cigardom. I blame it all on LCdr. John F. McNabney, USN (Ret.). An Annapolis graduate, he saw combat duty on a destroyer off Korea's coast, then served aboard an aircraft carrier and submarines.

John has been one of my best friends since 1960. For me, he's a real-life "Mr. Roberts." Without wanting to embarrass him, I'll say he is defines the word "gentleman," and is the model of altruism.

Back then, before I started my lifelong love affair with cigars, John would paint word pictures of Cuba, and Havanas in particular. In the late '50s, his sub made port in Guantanamo Bay often. I recall stories about carousing in Havana, close scrapes with Batista's cops, and taking in musical extravaganzas at the famed Tropicana Club ... where, as he swore, "There were more singers and dancers on stage than audience members." I noticed John would lower his voice when musing about the Havanas of those pre-Embargo days, the Golden Age of Cuban cigars.

Soon, I smoked my first cigar, a pre-Embargo Havana. It wasn't anything like today's Cubans, I'll tell you. Almost romantically aromatic, with a smooth, rich flavor and sophisticated power ... and with none of the harshens and bite that typify today's.

Now, almost 50 years later, it's especially gratifying to share our cigars with John. He's 81 now, still as lean, straight, and fit as ever, golden hair now silver. How does he compare them to his beloved Havanas of old? See his customer review.

John, this Cigar School is my tribute to you. I wouldn't be here to spread a little light about cigars, if it weren't for you!
John and Lydia
                 LCdr. John & Mrs. (Lydia) McNabney

Dale Scott

Facts About Tobacco and Cigars

  If you'd like to learn more about tobacco and cigars, you'll find Cigar School useful.  
  Section I: Cigar Smoking Tips
In our first section, we explore techniques that help you enjoy your Tabacos de la Cordillera  premium cigars more ... including some straight-from-Cuba tips largely unknown to smokers: storage tips on humidity, eliminating pests and mold, cutting, lighting, and smoking. We want you to get the most from our cigars, made exclusively with tobacco from 100% genetically pure pre-Castro seeds. We'll continue to add to these pages on a regular basis.
  Bouquet & Retrohaling
Retrohaling to Sample Bouquet in non-Cuban and Cuban Cigars
  How to Enjoy a Cuban Cigar
Cuban cigars, loaded with flavor oleoresins, respond well to savvy smoking techniques
How cigars "dry down" and re-humidify ... and how to avoid those swollen feet
  Insect Pests and Mold
Your two most dreaded enemies, and how to control them
  Section II: Cigar and Tobacco Tutorial
Our Cigar Tutorial section covers various phases of tobacco cultivation and cigar manufacturing. The articles are from an ongoing series in Smokeshop, a tobacco trade publication, beginning in June, 2005. Topics include leaf evaluation, cigar evaluation, plant nutrition, leaf processing, and more. This section will be updated on a bimonthly basis, and will give you an in-depth understanding of the craft largely unknown by the cigar world.
Cuban Soil
"Cuban Soil, Cuban Sun Equal Cuban Cigars?": Myth and Facts
Tobacco Tricks  
  Cigar Blending
How a master blender arrives at the blend you love
  What Does Tobacco Eat?
Like humans, tobacco needs the proper nutrients to grow and produce beautiful, abundant leaves. Here's how it's done.
  Leaf Evaluation
How a master blender picks the leaves to go in your cigar
  Leaf Processing
Expert leaf processing optimizes tobacco's potential locked in its seed ... but can't improve the tobacco from inferior seed.
  Cigar Evaluation
The protocol for testing cigar quality
  All articles reprinted with permission from Dale Scott, author of "How to Select and Enjoy Premium Cigars,"  
  Unastar, S.A (2005) & Inv. Servicosta de Grecia (1999)  

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