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May 18, 2006 | Final Grade = B

The Cumbres de Puriscal Purisco line is made with the same tobaccos as the Cumbres de Puriscal Green line we reviewed earlier, with the exception being a blending designed to produce a fuller bodied cigar. Top25Cigar reviewed both the Cumbres de Puriscal Green Corona and Purisco Red Churchill. Please read our introduction here.
“Hand made of 100% long-filler tobacco, grown naturally on our own farm in the Costa Rican mountains.” The same tobaccos are in the Purisco as the main Cumbres de Puriscal line, with a different blend intended to satisfy the cigar smoker looking for a stronger cigar. The Purisco is available in both a blue (Azul) and a Red (Rojo) version. The Blue line has a Maduro wrapper, while the Red line sports a natural wrapper.

The Purisco Red Churchill we tested has a darker than normal natural wrapper. It looks good, and it could easily be mistaken for a Maduro wrapper if you compared it to some of the lighter maduro cigars on the market. The most dominant factor our reviewers noticed was an abundance of veins throughout the cigar. These didn't seem to take away from the rich look of the deeply wrapped churchill.

"The wrapper was pretty veiny, but other than that this is a gorgeous cigar. The wrapper is thick and oily and definitely adds to the appearance."

"Huge cigar with a coffee brown color. Several veins apparent throughout the wrapper. Appealing looking cigar."

The big churchill scored well on it's Quality and Construction rating as well, averaging in the "B" range.

"Well constructed cap. Easy light and even burn throughout most of the cigar. Slight touchup needed about 2/3 of the way through."

The most lauded aspect of this cigar was its aroma. Reviewers loved it and mentioned getting many comments on the pleasant smoke given off by this beast of a cigar. Aroma is an interesting aspect of a cigar. One would think it would give a hint to the pleasantness of the taste as well. We find that in most cases it's the opposite. The more pleasant our reviewers find the aroma, the less pleasant they find the cigar. We were happy to see that reversed in the case of the Purisco Red Churchill.

"I spent a every enjoyable hour or so smoking this cigar, would be a great afternoon cigar or something to start the evening off with. I would definitely have no hesitation buying more of these cigars."

"Very enjoyable cigar. While not impressive, certainly better than most and would be on my list to smoke again."

"In the end, the taste was consistent, but not one that I liked."

We were glad to finish up with the Purisco Churchill. A good cigar at a decent price. In our books this one is a hit, and will overpower and outperform it's Green banded cousin we reviewed earlier.
Reviewer Appearance Quality &
Aroma Taste &
Overall Smoking Experience
1    A- A A A A
2 B+ B+ C C C
3 B B- B+ B
4    B C+ B B- B-
5*   B B+ B B B
6*     C+ B B B B
7 B-  B B+ B- B+
8*  C+ C- A C- C-
9*     B B B B- B-
10*     C C B C+ C+
Vital Statistics:
Size: 7 x 52
Shape: Churchill
Wrapper: Costa Rica
Binder: Costa Rica
Filler: Costa Rica
Est. Cost: $4.50




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