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Date: February 10, 2006

Written by Kevin Godbee   
Friday, 10 February 2006
  Purisco™ Azul Corona Maduro  
  These are the smokes from Tabacos de la Cordillera that I've been waiting to clear Miami Customs for two weeks. Even though they've been "who-knows-where" with Customs, there was no way I could wait to rest these in the humidor. I lit up a corona maduro within 10 minutes of receiving them from the postman.  
  I couldn't wait because this is the line of cigars that is touted as being equivalent to the Cuban sticks of the 1950's. The article and interview with the creator of these cigars, John Vogel, can be found here - Tabacos de la Cordillera.  
  For those that can't wait to find out the results...It was very good right from the start and got even better. Are they over-embellishing when they imply they are like the Cuban cigars of the '50's? I don't know. I never had one of those. Is the best cigar I ever smoked in my life? No. Is it very good and do I highly recommend it? Yes. Read on...  
  Purisco™ Azul Corona Maduro  
  .Size: 6¼x44  
  Construction: Great construction. Perfect cap. No veins. A handsome looking, smooth, dark brown Maduro wrapper with a slight hint of tooth. No soft spots. Very light weight to hold.   
  Pre-light: A nice earthy mix of cedar and tobacco, a little "woodsy" aroma reminded me of being outdoors, camping in the woods. Very easy draw. I don't mind an easy draw at all, but it might be too easy for some people.  
  Burn: A slight uneven start that quickly corrected itself into a perfect straight burn. Slightly loose gray ash lasting about an inch before falling off.  
  Drink: Water  
  Smoking Notes: This Costa Rican puro started off great and was consistent throughout. In short, it has a woodsy and spicy medium-to-full bodied taste. Spicy cinnamon is the most predominant flavor with some bittersweet dark chocolate thrown in to soften it up a bit. The long finish is also a nice dark chocolate and cinnamon flavor. This was a flavorful cigar that was smooth and not overpowering.   
  Overall Impression: The Purisco Azul Corona Maduro is an excellent cigar, especially for the price of $4.00. Other cigars of this caliber usually sell for $6 to $8. They only sell them in bundles of 25, so you have to drop a hundred bucks to get them, but you can feel confident that the $100 was well spent.  
  As to the comparison to Cuban cigars, I would say it can be a fair comparison, keeping in mind that it is a general comparison. The Purisco is an excellent cigar and I have definitely had Cuban cigars that are not as good as this and vice versa. They can be purchased at  
  5-pack samplers on the horizon
Written by KevinG on 2006-02-11 08:23:40
  I received an email that the company is putting together 5-pk samplers to make it easier to try their sticks. 
Good move!



"Ancestral Cuban seeds grow the world's finest cigars™"


Tabacos de la Cordillera
Santa Marta de Puriscal
Costa Rica, Central America

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