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  Stay up-to-date with what's happening at Tabacos de la Cordillera. This page will lead you to news releases on us and our products, articles in the cigar media, and the all-important ratings. Drop in often to see what's new with us!  
  News Releases
There's lots happening with us and our products. Check in here to see what's new!
For Undecided Smokers, New Fundación Ancestral Variety Samplers 
(November 25, 2008)
Fundación Ancestral Luxury Cigar Line Adds Two Maduros
(Sep 19, 2008)
  Cordillera Cigars Fires First Salvo in New Cuban Revolution, Scores Dead-Center
(Mar22, 2008)
  Cigars Debut Featuring Tobacco Variety Last Seen in Cuba in 1962
(Jul 24, 2007)
  "Extinct" Cuban Seeds From 1941 Now Growing Pinar del Rio Tobacco in Costa Rica
(Feb 10, 2007)
  Purisco Variety Samplers Include New Purisco Negro
(Jul 31,2006)
  New 5-Pack Samplers for Popular Toro Shape
(Jan. 10, 2006)
  New Cumbres de Puriscal  Variety Pack Samplers Debut
(Dec 21, 2005)
  After 45 Years, Cigars With Tobacco from Pre-Embargo Cuban Seeds Return
  Articles in the Cigar Press
The cigar world is becoming aware of our company and cigars... the only ones in the world made with tabacco from pre-Embargo Cuban seeds, from Cuba´s Golden Age of Cigars. Read what they're saying in this section.
     Stogie Fresh - Podcast Episode-90-Pinar del Rio 1941 (Nov, 2007)  
             Smokeshop magazine  is first to discover us! Read what they have to say.  
  Cigar Ratings
How do our cigars stack up against the best of the rest? Here are the results of the magazines' reviews.
Stogie Fresh: 2008's Best Cigar - Tabacos de la Cordillera’s Cumbres Gold Toro
(Jan 1, 2009)
The Vogel Red Torpedo is Featured on Stogie Fresh Podcast
(Nov 9, 2008)
Stogie Fresh Cigar Site: The First of 3 Tastings Over Time: Vogel Green Torpedo
(Nov 5, 2008)
Keepers of the Flame, Fundacion Ancestral Pinar del Rio 1941
(Sep 30.2008)
Stogie Fresh Cigar Site Reports on the Fundación Ancestral Serie 1942 & 1943 Maduros
(Sep 22, 2008)
Keepers of the Flame, Fundacion Ancestral Vuelta Abajo 1941 - Corona
(Sep 2, 2008)
  Fundacion Ancestral™ Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Rio, Artemisa (Feb, 2008)
  Fundación Ancestral™ Pinar del Rio 1941 Torpedo (Feb, 2008)
  Purisco™ Rojo Churchill (Aug, 2006)
  Purisco™ Azul Petit
  Cumbres de Puriscal™ Gold Toro
  Cumbres de Puriscal™ Silver Toro (Aug, 2006)
  Coronas Colinas™ Purisco™ Cumbres de Puriscal™ (Aug, 2006)
  Cumbres de Puriscal™ Gold (May, 2006)
  Cumbres de Puriscal™ Torpedo Silver - Four reviews (May, 2006)
  Colinas™ Robusto (March, 2006)
  Purisco™ Rojo Corona Natural (February, 2006)
  Purisco™ Azul Corona Natural (February, 2006)
  SMOKE Undercover article PDF-File (2005)
  Interview with John Vogel (June, 2006)
  Interview with John Vogel (February, 2006)

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