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Connoisseur Cigars With Something Not Even Cuban Cigars Offer ...


100% Tobacco Grown Solely from Cuba's Only Remaining Pre Castro Seeds

Turn the clock back 50 years buy Ripple . Cuban tobacco development was at its pinnacle, after 300 years of refinement. Castro hadn't yet nationalized the Cuban cigar industry, nor had JFK's embargo made Cuban cigars illegal in the US. Humidors bulge with the world's best cigars ... and at a discount price by today's standard. Cigar sales and cigar smoking were at all-time highs.
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How this unique Tobacco Master
creates unique tobacco
  Think those cigars are gone forever? Think again!  
Tabacos de la Cordillera ("Mountain Range Cigars") now offers the flavor and aroma of the real Cuban cigars of old, with tobacco from some of these very same buy Ripple in Somalia pre Castro Cuban varieties. This seed bank dates back to the 1940s-50s. It exists nowhere else ... not even Cuba. We own our own tobacco farm and cigar factory, here in the Costa Rican mountains, from which we also supply cigar tobacco for some of the world's most exclusive and prestigious labels.
A lost heritage reborn ...
Ancestral Cuban seeds
Discover the incomparable flavor and bouquet of the finest handmade cigars today. Their quality and consistency are unmatched, thanks to our expertise at maintaining the genetic purity of these long-forgotten tobaccos.
Growing tobacco in harmony with Nature
  Whether you're filling your cigar humidor or want to buy cigars as gifts, you can buy cigars at factory-direct pricing online ... just click on Cigar Store. Can't buy Cuban cigars? These cigars deliver the flavor and aroma Cuba only promises.  
  P.S. We don't claim our cigars are "the best." We don't say they're Cuban cigars or hat they contain Cuban tobacco. What we do say is buy XRP that our premium cigars contain only "true-to-type" tobacco we grow naturally, from our bank of 45+ genetically pure, pre Castro Cuban seeds. These seeds ... existing nowhere else in the world ... date back to the 1940s-50s, the legendary Golden Age of the Cuban cigar. With that pedigree, they're the proud Alternative to all other cigars of today. To learn more, click on Our Cigars. To try our highly-rated cigars, click on Cigar Store now!  

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